HANDMADE statue by kennyswork x devilrobot~ when lovely meet kawaii
65 sets global limited special!! ( light blue and golden chocolate )
place your order now!! HK$2850

* few pieces of taiwan version ( red and blue ) is still available .

you may place your order at info@kennyswork.com , kit@kennywork.com

當可愛遇上可愛 when lovely meet kawaii

Monday, November 19, 2012


300% 全手功上色,超限量珍藏。
分別為情迷朱古力( 限量50 pcs,HK $ 1400) 甜蜜粉紅( 限量50 pcs,HK $ 1400 ),貴族藍( 限量200 pcs,HK $ 1200 ),三款,*情迷朱古力 ” Ginger x Molly期間,http://www.qod.com.hk/ ) 提供20pcs 現貨首賣” 詳情請留意好官方公報。聖誕快樂~
訂購請登入– info@kennyswork.com , kit@kennyswork.com

Santa Claus is coming to town, to buy the best gift for your sweet heart, 300% hand paint princess Molly is your choice.

There we have chocolate passion version ( 50 pcs limited,HK $ 1400) Sugar pink version ( 50 pcs limited,HK $ 1400 ),Royal blue ( 200 pcs limited,HK $ 1200 ),*
20pcs of Chocolate passion version will be exclusive for Ginger shop ( http://www.qod.com.hk/ ) during the period of Molly x Ginger ,stay tune on kennyswork/news and http://www.facebook.com/Kennyswork?ref=hl

you may place your order at—- info@kennyswork.com , kit@kennyswork.com