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她是引領各位進入甜夢的寶貝( 綠色格仔 ),和為大家驅逐惡夢的寶貝( 紅色格仔 )。


兩款編號由1-60 將於七月五日在台灣國際創玩大展會現貨發售,
現場每人最多只限購買一套兩支不同款的”恐龍寶貝”Molly,售價為NT$ 5,500 ,

另外兩款編號由61-120 將於六月十三日香港時間晚上十一時正,
正式開始接受全球 網上預定,先到先得,

網上預定價 HK$ 1380 ( 不包運費和paypal手續費)

Thank you for your support to kennyswork and for loving my baby daughter Molly as your own child in the past six years.
kenny has specially designed the incredibly sweet “Dino Molly ” to show his appreciation.
Green checker Dino Molly will guide your way to a sweet dream and Red checker molly will fight away all your nightmares.

120 pieces, Globally limited, will be produced for each of the two versions of DinoBaby.
Two versions ( Green and red ) No.1- 60 will be released on July 5 at the TaiWan TTF ,
priced at NT $ 5,500,

No. 61-120 will start preorder at HK time 23:00 13th June 2012 on a first-come-first-served basis,

please e-mail : your Name, Contact no. , Post address , Postal code , Quantity, Version …
to for pre-order then, for inquiries, please email to

preorder price at HK $ 1380 (not including shipping and paypal fees)

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