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為慶祝虎年情人節創作的Candy Molly今天正式在尖沙咀美麗華首度曝光,

Do you know the 1st day of Tiger Year is the sweetie Valentine Day?!! Therefore to celebrate this special day, Candy Molly wants to have fun with everybody! The location is Miramar Shopping Centre, TsimShaTsui.



You can shop around your favourite Molly. Also don’t miss the chance of winning Candy Molly Game.



The game is never so easy. Just tell us how many candies there are, then you got the prize!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

今天出席活動,kenny送了傅穎小姐一個Boxing Molly,祝願Theresa今年虎虎生威,大展拳腳!!

To thanks our guess Theresa, Kenny already prepare a Boxing Molly to her and wish her a prosperous year like the vigor of Tiger.


The even starts once the candies fill up the crown shape cabinet.


What a surprise, Theresa returns a reciprocal gift to Kenny – her hand drawing a cutie tiger.


See, Molly got one more fans~


Happy together to take photo with our guess & patron.

原來傅穎也是個character designer,看過她在後台畫給我的設計,相當有創意,有機會真的要找她合作^^讚!

I bet you have no idea that Theresa also is a character designer. She showed me her works at the backstage. It’s so amazing! Don’t know if she like to crossover with Molly?!

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