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為興祝Monster Gear一週年,kenny會帶同最多人喜愛的朱古力Molly在台北東區的Monster Gear施展一場魔法~

展覽為期十天,聽說kenny請來了香港超人氣的創作單位How2work打造首次立體化的小Monster Gear公仔週年版,kenny還帶了神秘禮物過來送給大家,到時見啦!

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Monster Gear (located in eastern Taipei), Kenny together with Choco Molly going to conjure up an aroma show-“Molly’s Chocolate Magic” there.

The exhibition lasts for 10 days (13th – 22nd Nov, 2009). Kenny highly recommends the special 3D version little Monster Gear by How2work. Also Kenny gonna give a special gift. So see you there!



Friday, October 23, 2009


Threezero Gallery is proud to present the “HONG KONG VENTURE ” exhibition in Kwun Tong.

Five popular artists from Australia and HK, including Ashley wood, Jeremy Geddes,  Mak Siu Fung, Colan Ho and Kenny Wong are invited. More than 60 master pieces of art not limited to painting, sculpture and new projects will be exhibited.


Exhibition Period :                 7th -13th Nov 09

Time :                                    2pm - 9pm

Venue:                                  Room A, 3/F, Jone Mult Ind. Bldg,

169 Wai Yip St.,  Kuwn Tong, Kln



Presented by 3A


HONG KONG VENTURE 公開展出,希望大家會喜歡。

地址  Threezero gallery   3A  Jone Mult Ind. Bldg, 169 Wai Yip St.



魚童 yu tong

Friday, October 23, 2009

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