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Roar echoes even it came to finale. Are you satisfied with your loot?



將於八九月左右在中歐港台推出的Molly首推的電子產品 I-Buddy Molly MSN互動裝置,和一套六款的 Molly I-Buddy egg首次在台灣曝光,大家要留意啊。

Debut of i-Buddy Molly – China, Europe, Hong Kong & Taiwan. She’s a coolest MSN  Messenger which response your incoming emails in a charming way—light blinking & flutter her wings. She can even detect emoticons within messages and reacts accordingly. With 6 siblings together – “Molly i-Buddy egg” will choose Taiwan as the first place to launch. Take note of our announcement!


Getting dazzling to pick? Of course, all are so excellent!

最利害的還是 Ashley 的產品吧!!,看3A老板專程飛往台北參觀展覽就知有多重視這次的大展。


See! The most stunning item should be by Ashley Wood – TAIBOSS. What so admirable was the 30 pieces were all sold out at the first day of exhibition!! I didn’t even have time to introduce it to you. To tell you a secret – I got this one little hot item. Envy?

首次跟大師的合作,就算有多重,帶過來還是值得的,今次帶來了我的設計部份—SEA MONKEY。
像所有Ashley Wood fans一樣超期待snowpea的出現。

Knowing Ashley would be there, I decided to bring the very heavy piece – COPPERHEAD-18 SEA MONKEY. Just like all the fans of Ashley, we all expecting the appearance of “snow pea”.

Clay Ferguson的 squadt 變成了copperhead竟成為台灣朋友的最新收藏目標。

Copperhead Squadt – by Kenny Wong x Clay Ferguson – one of the most collectable items is among our Taiwan folks.


Everybody seems charged & high-powered either be superman or superwoman.

Don’t think autograph is an easy job!


Ah De, it’s killing me~~~love it!

做完展覽,how2work主腦人howard帶我們去了鼎王吃火鍋呢 ~
上機前還吃了最喜歡的度小月~ 龍鬚菜,花枝丸…

After the exhibition, Howard, head of How2work brought us to Tripod King to enjoy the very famous spicy hotpot. Of course, my favorite Long Xucai & squid ball from Slack Season Noodles Restaurant.


Dudes! See you in Wah Shan!


Taiwanese are so hospitalized to us. For instance, when the cab driver knew that I am a Hong Konger, he requested me to sing “Grasshopper” to him


Don’t miss it!!

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