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這個位於朗豪坊306號鋪 JILL SCOTT

*現已搬往沙田JILL SCOTT新店
地址 :
Shop A390
TEL: 26030971

Molly 現已搬往沙田JILL SCOTT新店

Wednesday, August 26, 2009




快D check 下 FACEBOOK個GROUP 重有 Yahoo個BLOG先

Your dearest buddy Molly not just wants to stay by your computer, but play with you! I-Buddy Molly! Please hurry to check out the sites:


- Citysuper @ Times Square, Causeway Bay;
- LOGON @ apm, Kwun Tong;
- LOGON @ Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong



I-Buddy Molly?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Molly @ Jill Scrott 朗豪坊

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

旺角朗豪坊 Jill Scrott 會給您多一個選擇。

Shop Name : Jill Scott
Tel: 35149137
Address : 旺角朗豪坊 306鋪

Find us at:

Jill Scott, Shop 306, Lang Ham Place, Mongkok.

今次飛往星加坡主要是為 Poison-tofu molly 、 Tokidoki molly做簽名宣傳,同場和這兩位人兄一齊為MOLLY簽名,簽完Tokidoki的molly又到Tofu的幾款的molly,真是簽到手都軟。

To publicize our new stars: Poison-tofu Molly & Tokidoki Molly, we flew to Singapore. Without the help of these two big folk, I would be tired out as a dog during autograph function.

Ron English, Joe Ledbetter, Gary Baseman…很久沒有看其他人現場示範表演了,全場的朋友都看得入神了。

All the people were enchanted by the life demo of Ron English, Joe Ledbetter & Gary Baseman.

此行最大收獲其實是能跟很多位”大師”超近距離接觸,也是這個展覽最具魅力的地方,高潮絕對是party現場表演這一環,第一次看到Gary Baseman的”表演”,絕對是不往此行,Molly就最開心,因為可以和Toby拍照。

My biggest reward for this trip was having the chance of learning from these Masters. Their performance held the spotlight of the whole exhibition. This was the first time getting so close…I was totally absorbed at Gary Baseman’s work even though it might be once in my life time! You know what! This is also Molly’s happiest moment cause she got the chance to take photo with Toby!



Gary tenderly placed Molly on his endearing Toby’s head.

Toby and Gary


Long time no see, my dearest comic artists. I couldn’t believe met you all in Singapore!



Launching of Molly Tokidoki version & To-Fu Poison version in Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention at Booth J11~

14th August 05:15pm til 06:15pm ~ Kennyswork, Tokidoki & Devilrobots Autograph Session.

15th August 03:00pm til 04:00pm ~ Kennyswork Autograph Session.

16th August 01:00pm til 02:00pm ~ Kennyswork, Tokidoki & Devilrobots Autograph Session.


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